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Dating process confusing? Frustrating? Painful…..? UNBEARABLE?

Want to find love with an amazing, charismatic, kind, generous man you respect, and who treats you like gold?

Wondering why guys are so darn complicated and difficult to be with? Can’t understand how every relationship starts off amazing, but then he seems to loose interest for no apparent reason, and the more you try to win him back the more distant he becomes?

Then today is your lucky day, girl! Read on for some gold nuggets and an information throwdown that will save your precious time & delicate heart….

You are confused about dating, love & guys in general. You need a love & dating coach who will give you the skinny that your girlfriends are too afraid to tell you.

Let’s put it this way, if you wanted to get in shape would you the fitness trainer who had been 300 lbs and then transformed into a rock solid fitness model? Or the one who never ever had a problem with food, and could eat anything she wants, and never gains weight?

You want the one warrior rose from the ashes, metaphorically speaking. Who came back from the anguish and desperation to start life anew. Clawing her way out of that rock bottom tunnel to become a beacon of hope and inspiration to others looking for a light in their dark tunnel.

I’ve got news for you - whatever man troubles you are going through – I’ve done WORSE! I’ve acted in ways that break all sense of decency or logic in order to keep the most mouthwatering morsels of unavailable, unsustainable men.

I’ve dated like it was a full time job! I’ve dated & dated & dated so you won’t have to.

I’ve studied this man-ology like my life depended on it, because it does in a way…

Because you see, I like you have a dream. A goal, and desire in my heart that far outshines any worldly accolade, accomplishment, or sum of money. I have a destiny to give & receive love. To become the wife of an amazing, adoring man, and to become the mother (I hope) to a bunch of beautiful, perfectly imperfect kids.

We all need & deserve love.

When it’s not coming our way easy we have to ask ourselves – How lovable & loving am I? Do I really appreciate & respect all men? Am I really open and vulnerable to the life altering force of love?

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  • Jill Therese


    So beautiful! Fresh, clean, I love all of this advice!


    • antheakerou


      Hi Jill!! Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it! :)


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