How to Take Care of Yourself so You Can Give to Others

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We all like volunteering. But who here has ever felt low energy tired stuck, blocked, or even depressed in our own lives? Who here would like to live life as a shining example in order to uplift all of humanity?

I want to propose a solution that some might say is selfish.

You are the most important person in your life to give help to. If you don’t take care of your own health and well being, then how can you help other people?
Most of us at sometime or another would like to loose a few pounds. But the answer to total well being isn’t always found in a salad
The culprit to our low energy, poor moods and dissatisfaction with life is not found in an isolated area such as food or nutrition.
We all know to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and eat less processed food and sugar. But more information is not the solution. There is enough easily found in the world or on the Internet about what to eat and what not to eat, and nothing is changing.
So…… Why don’t we just do it already?
The answer: We are not choosing to. We are not choosing to love our selves and therefore not choosing to love other people or the world.

Our self love is the key to our health.

When you love yourself you would not and could not let your self be treated that way. You would not raid the fridge at 3am, you would not eat that second piece of cake, you would not polish off that bottle of wine because it is ultimately hurting you.
So what’s one way we can love ourselves more? Right now?
Look around you: Relationships. the answer is other people. How you treat other people is a reflection of how much you love and respect your self.
‘What’s my life purpose’ is a question I hear a lot. Ask yourself. Am I living and fulfilling my life’s purpose? Just to clarify a ‘job’ is not the same as a life purpose. An accomplishment is not the same as a life purpose. Perhaps your life’s purpose is to joyfully uplift the world through your ever expanding loving heart and interactions with people, but your job is an accountant. Who’s to say you can’t uplift others while being an accountant?Or perhaps the way you uplift others is through your volunteer work thereby living your life’s purpose?

Don’t let your job stop you from your life’s purpose.

Spiritual Practice: How do you connect with a force greater to your own self? Yoga, meditation, gardening, writing, singing, being around children? Perhaps it’s a more traditional path such as religion. For each person it will be a personal and private choice. Remember you can’t get this wrong!

Exercise: Being sedentary will ruin your health. You must move your body. But if its not fun to you then you won’t do it. Take a salsa class or get out in nature and go hiking. Body movement releases endorphins and raises your happiness. Fact.

Your happiness is the key to expanding your capacity to helping others. Protect it. Invest in it. Cherish it. And be grateful for it. Grateful for your strong healthy body. Grateful for your loving relationships. Grateful for the opportunity every second to live your life’s purpose. And grateful for your ability to expand your wellness to uplift the whole world.
Thank you.
Anthea Heartface
Inspired by lessons from A Course in Miracles & The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

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